The manning service Coíva Maritime Service offers to provide qualified and trained maritime personnel to crew our clients' vessels anywhere in the world. In our manning service we are in charge of recruiting, selecting, hiring and managing the crew necessary to operate vessels efficiently and safely.

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This service covers all categories of onboard personnel, deck crew, engine crew, and support personnel. At Coíva Maritime Service we guarantee that the crew meets all legal and certification requirements according to the STCW, OMI, and CTM convention, as well as providing training and continuous professional development.

Our manning service offers several benefits to shipowners, including reducing operational costs by outsourcing crew recruitment management, access to an extensive database of qualified maritime professionals, and ensuring regulatory and safety compliance.

Coíva Maritime Service's manning service is essential to ensure that vessels have a competent and well-trained crew to operate effectively at sea, thus contributing to the success and safety of maritime operations.

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