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We are a company dedicated to the provision of maritime services, specialists in maritime agency processes, representation of shipowners before the competent authorities and management of maritime documentation.


Maritime Agency

Solutions to effectively support your Operations.


 Provision of qualified and certified maritime personnel.

Documentation Management

Assistance in document processing.

Management of procedures for ships and crew

Coíva is characterized by providing a quality service, with responsibility and commitment in each of our efforts, causing our Gente de Mar clients to express their satisfaction with our services and maintaining a close relationship with us.

  • Maritime Agency
  • Manning
  • Consulting
  • Maritime Documentation
Operador Naviero Sonriendo

Authorized by the Maritime Authority of Panama

We are a company authorized by the maritime authority of Panama to manage technical documentation for seafarers.

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We do the paperwork for you

You don't need to move from where you are! Just by contacting us by WhatsApp, email, or one of our social networks, you will receive the attention and advice you require to manage your Venezuelan and Panamanian maritime documentation. 

We have the best service for shipowners and ship operators

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