Ship Maintenance

The ship maintenance service offered by Coíva Maritime Service involves a series of activities aimed at guaranteeing the safe, efficient, and reliable operation of vessels, through minor preventive and corrective maintenance.

Our ship maintenance service encompasses a wide range of activities aimed at maintaining the operability, safety, and reliability of ships, which contributes to the success and efficiency of maritime operations.

The ship maintenance we offer provides a series of benefits for both the shipowners and the vessels themselves. Some of these benefits include:

Costs reduction: Outsourcing vessel maintenance to a specialized agency can help reduce operating costs. At Coíva Maritime Service we have access to suppliers of services and spare parts at competitive prices, which can result in significant savings for shipowners.

Experience and technical knowledge: We have highly qualified and experienced personnel in various aspects of maritime maintenance. This ensures that minor preventive and corrective maintenance tasks are performed efficiently and in accordance with industry standards.

Proactive maintenance management: We implement preventive and predictive maintenance programs to help avoid costly breakdowns and unplanned downtime. This can improve the reliability and operational availability of vessels.

Normative compliance: At Coíva Maritime Service we are familiar with the regulations and standards applicable to ship maintenance, ensuring that all maintenance activities are carried out in accordance with legal and safety requirements.

Access to advanced technology and tools: We have access to advanced technology and tools for ship maintenance, such as remote monitoring systems and specialized equipment. This helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance operations.

Availability of personnel and resources: We can easily allocate additional staff and resources as needed to deal with peak work or emergency situations, ensuring a quick and effective response to any maintenance issues.

The ship maintenance service we offer provides a number of benefits, including cost reduction, access to expertise and technical knowledge, proactive maintenance management, regulatory compliance, access to advanced technology and availability of personnel and resources. additional. This can contribute to improving the operational efficiency and reliability of vessels, as well as reducing the risks associated with maritime maintenance.

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