Maritime Agency

Our maritime agency service is essential for the management of shipowners and seafarers in the management of ships. We offer the maritime agency service to legally represent shipowners before the competent authorities and manage the requirements for the operation of vessels.

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The maritime agency of our company is in charge of the administrative procedures, custodian agent of ship and equipment, legalization and updating of documents and commercial procedures.

The maritime agency It is one of the main services we offer as a shipping agency. We act as local representatives of shipowners, operators, or shipping companies. We serve as intermediaries between the ship and the port authorities, as well as between the ship and the various service providers that may be necessary during the ship's port call.

In our shipping agency we cover areas such as

Operational coordination: We manage and coordinate all activities related to the reception and dispatch of ships, complying with the provisions of maritime laws and their regulations.

Administrative transactions: We take care of the preparation and presentation of the necessary documentation for the entry and exit of the ship in the port, including the processing of permits, certificates, cargo manifests, and various declarations.

Ship and crew care services: We provide assistance and support services to the ship's crew, such as medical assistance, land, lake, and air transportation services, accommodation reservations, and all the logistics necessary for the embarkation and disembarkation of the crew members.

Communication and coordination: We act as a local point of contact between the shipowner or shipping company and the port authorities, service providers, and other agents involved in the operation of the vessel in the port.

The maritime agency of our shipping agency involves providing a wide range of services and assistance to facilitate vessel operations in ports, ensuring that all activities are carried out efficiently, safely and in accordance with local and international regulations.

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