Maritime Documentation Management

At Coíva Maritime Service we manage maritime documentation so that both the ship and its crew keep the necessary documentation updated to comply with maritime regulations and laws.

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Maritime documentation management by Coíva Maritime involves a series of steps and responsibilities to ensure that all the necessary documentation is complete in each procedure, is accurate and is presented on time and appropriately.

Management of Maritime Documentation for Ships:

Information gathering: We collect all the necessary information about our client's maritime operation. This may include details about the vessel, cargo, ports of origin and destination, applicable regulations, among others.

Document preparation: Based on the information collected, we prepare the documents required for each process. This may include the cargo manifest, crew list, certificates of origin, and customs documents, among others, depending on the nature of the operation and the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Review and verification: Before submitting the documents, we carefully review and verify that they are complete and correct to avoid errors that could result in delays or problems during each procedure.

Documents submission: Once the documents are ready and verified, we submit them to the relevant authorities such as port authorities, customs authorities and other regulatory entities as necessary.

Monitoring and coordination: We stay in contact with authorities and other involved parties to ensure that documents are processed in a timely manner and to resolve any issues or requests for additional information that may arise during the process.

Management of modifications or updates: In the event that changes arise in maritime operation or in legal and regulatory requirements, we are responsible for managing the necessary modifications to the documentation and ensuring that all updated requirements are met.

Maritime Documentation Management for Seafarers:

Update of Venezuelan Maritime documentation, complying with the provisions of the STCW Convention, International Convention on training, certification and watchkeeping standards for seafarers (IMO), and/or any other applicable law.

Management of Technical Documentation for Seafarers before the Maritime Authority of Panama. Coiva is authorized by the AMP according to resolution DGGM-ET-005-2023 for this management.

To carry out these procedures we complete the following steps:

  1. Review of maritime documents.
  2. Advice regarding the rule that applies according to the experience, rank, or qualification of the sailor.
  3. Request for the corresponding documentation before the competent authority.
  4. Issuance of the requested document from Gente de Mar.

Our maritime documentation management involves a meticulous process of document collection, preparation, verification, submission, and tracking to ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements and facilitate smooth and efficient maritime operations.

As a Maritime Agency, we know the maritime regulations that must be complied with and each of its documents. We make sure that the ship of our clients fully comply with these requirements to avoid any delay. We ensure that all documents and maritime documentation update processes are correct and comply with laws.

Leave all the maritime documentation management and updating processes in our hands. Contact us today through the form on our contact page o llamándonos a nuestras líneas telefónicas.

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